The Corriere del Ticino group taps Tecnavia as partner for digital editions and apps

Fast and stress-free integration with major publishing systems.

In recent years, many publishers are realizing that simply transposing the content of their publishing system onto another format does not make a quality digital edition.

First of all, most content from newspapers and magazines still comes from multiple sources within an editorial system that isn’t able to differentiate all graphic elements and the content of a finished page. Given the utility and quality of digital editions largely resides in a uniform, complete reading experience, having a complete and capillary segmentation of printed products is essential.

Furthermore, without the support of a specialized partner that can guarantee the data validation process, redundancies in the infrastructure, and a 24-hour assitance service, publishers risk offering their readers an inadequate and disappointing service.

Aware of these critical issues, Corriere del Ticino chose Tecnavia as their partner for the task of renewing and modernizing their digital edition for both web (html5) and mobile apps (Android/iOS).

With more than 20 years experience and know-how in the sector, Tecnavia has created a segmentation system capable of completing the digital flow, optimizing the reader’s experience using XML feeds from the publishing system in combination with PDF files. Thanks to these developments, Tecnavia is able to selectively segment the content of each page, creating complete digital editions in a timely and cost-effective manner which guarantees a uniform reading experience on any device.

Additionally, Tecnavia has developed a fast, stress-free migration method for publishers, applicable to all major publishing systems on the market. The “go live” for Corriere del Ticino is scheduled for March 2021, with an activation time of approximately two months. Considering the extensive parameters of the migration, it’s a brief transition period for a project which includes: integration with the Protecmedia editorial system, processing ten years’ worth of archives for multiple publications, interfacing with a third-party login system, the production of ten editorial products including newspapers, magazines, and periodicals, and the creation of two separate applications to serve iOS and Android users.

A flexible and effective segmentation system, the ability to offer readers an optimal experience on any device, as well as the speed and simplicity of the integration process with their existing publishing system have been among the fundamental factors which lead the Corriere del Ticino to choose the Tecnavia solution. Thanks to Tecnavia’s latest developments, they can support publishers in overcoming the lock-in effect caused by publishing systems, creating a state-of-the-art digital edition which is capable of satisfying increasingly demanding and advanced end users.